Start with Frank

Want to increase energy?  Pull out the Frankincense

oils for skincare and to increase energyWhen I first began looking to more natural options to improve my health, one of the first things I tried was Frankincense essential oil – and gotta start with cellular health, right? Before I go any further – Whenever I speak of essential oils, I am referring to pure, super-high quality oils that are safe for aromatic, topical, AND internal use. Not all oils are created equal. Use the best. As I began to study about frankincense, I learned it has a tremendous number of therapeutic benefits. Often referred to as the king of oils, Frankincense promotes cellular health, helps balance the immune system as well as increase energy.

This awesome oil also promotes a healthy inflammatory response which is crucial if you are dealing with any kind of chronic issue. According to a February 2015 TIME article chronic inflammation can cause a multitude of problems including joint damage, heart disease, digestive disorders, skin issues, poor sleep, even depression. Getting your body’s inflammatory response under control is really key to overall health. Many of the steps to better health involve getting the inflammatory response under control and will also increase energy levels.

so what do I do with it???

You can use Frankincense many different ways. I chose to use a couple drops sublingually every day. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what sublingual meant at first either. Sublingual is a really fancy word for put it under your tongue. Sometimes it’s fun to use fancy words. But only if you do really know what they mean, or you could end up sounding really “not-smart.” Why under the tongue? “Because the blood capillaries are so close to the surface of the tissue under the tongue, many essential oil constituents are able to pass directly into the blood stream from there, where they can then quickly travel to the different areas of the body where they are needed” (Modern Essentials, Fourth Edition, pg. 39).

Now, old Frank comes from tree resin, so it does taste a bit like chewing on a piece of bark, but the results for me are definitely worth it. What would you do to increase energy?  I’m mean, I’d actually chew on a piece of bark.  Those who struggle with fatigue know exactly how important it is to find a way to increase energy. I went from coach potato to running a 5K with this as part of my routine. You could also take a couple drops in a glass of water, or, to avoid the taste, in a veggie cap. It’s also effective topically, so you can apply to back of neck, wrists, or bottom of feet and the oil will still be absorbed into your system. If you are using topically, I recommend diluting with a carrier oil. It spreads the oil better, reduces the risk of skin sensitivity, and slows the evaporation rate down so your body has time to absorb more of the frankin-goodness.

Listen to your body

When I began using this, it did take a couple weeks of diligent use to see some results. The first thing I noticed was an increase in my energy level. It had been at a pitiful level, so I was happy with any increase, but for me, the difference was pretty substantial. Remember, everyone’s body chemistry is different, so your results may be different than mine. Be sure to listen to your body!

So my recommendation as you get started living more naturally?  Get some amazing powerful Frankincense, and use it every day.

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