I’m excited you’re ready to get started with oils!

Essential oils are a huge part of the wellness lifestyle. There are tons of brands to choose from out there — but if you’re like me, quality matters. I choose a company who sets THE standard in the essential oil industry.  This will be one of the best decisions of your life.  Hands down. 

Natural Solutions is my absolute favorite way to get started – tons of oils, supplements, a diffuser, and an assortment of fantastic wellness products, plus you'll get an additional $100 in free product with next month's order! The supplements have been a huge part in improving my overall health, and I love that this kit gets you going with those right away. 

This kit is priced over $200 below wholesale, you get a free wholesale membership, plus the bonus $100 in free oils of your choice. This will also include some amazing welcome gifts from me, access to private member-only support groups on Facebook, and a one on one wellness consult with me.

This is the best investment you can make in yourself.

The Home Essentials kit is a great basic option. Ten singles oils and blends plus a diffuser get you started on the Essential Lifestyle - and saves your more than $80.  You'll get a great welcome gift from me as well as access to the private support groups on Facebook and one on one wellness consult from me.

Let's Go!

Need to keep a close watch on the budget?

There’s a great new kit out for those of you on a budget that gives you a great assortment of eight 5mL oils (perfect for an oil newbie) as well as a diffuser for easy aromatic use AND some fractionated coconut oil to make topical use a breeze. At just $150, the Aromatouch Diffused kit is easy on the checkbook AND still includes your wholesale membership AND all the support and benefits you get as a member of the Hope Health Healing team!


One of the best ways to decide what to choose is to make a list of your top three health goals. 

Then we can look at what oils and products will best support you as you work to achieve those goals. Whenever you’re ready, head over HERE to place your order. Choose the “Join & Save” option. You’ll have the choice of Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. Pricing is exactly the same, and the educational benefits & support you’ll receive is the same. As a Wellness Advocate, you’ll need to provide your social security number and will be able to earn income and build your own doTERRA business. A Wholesale Customer is just that, someone who wants the best pricing for their oils for their personal use.

Need more help? Set up a consult today!

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’m happy to help. Let’s set up a call to discuss what options are the best fit for you. I believe that a personal connection matters; your goals are important to me. Let’s make a plan together! And if you’ve never tried oils before, we’ll get some samples right out to you!