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AutoImmune Wellness Solutions

$297.00 $97.00

Here's what you'll learn in this one of a kind program:

Module 1:No more Diet CONFUSION.... you’ll know what’s smart to eat - and what is not

Module 2: Wade through the madness of choosing what supplements to take

Module 3: How gut health could be fueling your autoimmune issues

Module 4: Keys to better sleep, so you’ll wake up ready to tackle the day

Module 5: Develop an exercise plan you’ll actually do

Module 6: Joint & muscle health so you CAN be more active and mobile and stop feeling like the TinMan

Module 7: Take charge of your Emotional health and break the vicious stress cycle

PLUS this invaluable bonus module:

 Module 8: How to ditch toxic personal care & cleaning products that can aggravate your symptoms
 AND save money at the same time

Course includes all 8 modules, course workbook PLUS
TWO bonus 45-minute strategy calls with me,
 ongoing help & support via Facebook & email
to make sure you never feel you're alone in this again

Special Introductory Pricing through 10/31 of only $97

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