~Helping everyday people with RA live healthier, more active lives ~

hope health healingCan Healthy be Simple? YES!  It really can.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Looking for easy answers and ready to make some changes? Having RA doesn’t mean life is over. In fact quite the opposite.  This can be the most active time of your life!

And I’m here to help you as you figure out how easy and simple it can be to make BIG changes in your (and your family’s) overall health and wellness.  My life turned 180 degrees; I went from chronically ill to strong, healthy, and active.  I sleep better, I eat better, I can focus better — do you see a pattern?  If that sounds good to you, join me on this natural health journey!

I want to help you find: Hope in the Lord, Health through living a natural lifestyle, and embracing physical, emotional, and financial Healing along the way

Live like a Warrior!

Learn my secrets to living with Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Saves the World

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Finding Spoons in Unexpected Places

Finding Spoons – Energy for Autoimmune Peeps

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Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress and Autoimmune Issues

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How to have a Healthy Diet

How to have a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet doesn’t have to be difficult I go through spurts where I’m on a menu-planning roll and...

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Hey!  Yeah you! Want to make a difference in the world? Are you ready to jump into learning about new things, help people, and create a debt-free life at the same time?  Talk to me!!! I’m looking for motivated people who are ready to join me on my oil journey!

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    Real words from real people!
    • "I met Sally and immediately she shared her love of oils with me. I was a little skeptical as I have a chronic illness that I felt was a but untouchable, especially with an oil. Sally was so patient with me and carefully walked me through WHY oils are beneficial and sent me samples of each one I would need to see relief. Frankincense was in that batch of oils. I was not in love with the smell... but the benefits... were substantial! What a powerful oil for anyone with a crippling autoimmune disease or illness. I am so grateful she shared what she knew with me. I now incorporate frankincense into my everyday routine along with the life long vitality pack...those combined are game changers! Thank you Sally"
    • August 2015, Finally feeling some hope by meeting Sally, I was so ready to try anything to help me deal with my chronic issues. I am currently a user and sharer of doTERRA oils and products. Living with pain and UC for years, I needed to find a healthier way to get relief without another prescription for pharmaceuticals which side effects were just as awful as the issues I had been living with. Numerous medications have been discontinued since beginning my Essential oil usage. I did this along with my Doctors advice and support. Slowly making healthier choices everyday to live a more balanced lifestyle. I now turn to my natural alternative doTERRA Essential Oils first. Sharing samples with anyone who feels willing to give the oils a try is the best feeling. I know they work for me and my family.